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See how health & wellness brands on TEXTBUQ are using WhatsApp and SMS to convert shoppers, increase lifetime value, and improve customer support.

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Turn hesistant shoppers into raving fans

Whether it’s picking the best supplement for their needs, or trying a healthy alternative for the first time, most customers need a little bit of help from an expert.

Browse abandonment, cart abandonment, or welcome series automations are all opportunities to educate and nurture customers. With guides and quizzes, you can even reduce the number of customer support tickets.

Crush your product launch and sales targets

The almost-instantaneous open rates of WhatsApp & SMS make it the perfect channel to announce your latest product launch or flash sale.

New flavor or seasonal item? Send a message to your most loyal customers first and give them exclusive early access.

Promote reorders and subscriptions

Increase lifetime value with automated messages for product reorders and subscriptions.

Let subscribers be the first to know about restocks

One of the perks of your WhatsApp & SMS program should be sending back-in-stock announcements to subscribers before anyone else. They’ll be happy to get their hands on your best-sellers before they sell out again!

Build loyalty with educational content and rewards

Turn a one-time purchase into a loyal customer through post-purchase education and loyalty rewards.

Use post-purchase automation to send product use and care instructions. Take it a step further by sending promotions and reminders about your loyalty reward programs over Whatsapp & SMS.

Provide support in two-way conversations

Use WhatsApp and SMS to engage in conversations with customers. Provide support and gather customer feedback—all over messages.

Send product care instructions after purchase

Help customers keep their purchases looking pristine by sending product care instructions after purchase. With SKU-level segmentation, you can send different instructions based on the item they purchased.

Send shipping notifications

Keep customers informed on the status of their shipment. With WhatsApp & SMS, they’ll never miss a notification.

Set up shipping notifications using data from your WooCommerce account or integrate TEXTBUQ with AfterShip, Wonderment, or another shipping and logistics platform (through our custom integration).

Collect product reviews

Customers on your WhatsApp & SMS list are highly engaged with your brand. Who better to ask for a product review?

Integrate TEXTBUQ with Okendo, Swell, or Junip to send automated review requests over text.

More Benefits

Use WhatsApp and SMS Marketing For Skyrocketing Engagement.

Start Re-engagement Campaigns

Utilize WhatsApp & SMS marketing services to re-engage users with unique messages and deals.

Personalized Promotional Messages

Send bulk personalized WhatsApp & SMS campaigns at scale! Your customers get the most out of your offers.

Integration with WooCommerce

Inform buyer the current order status / whenever order status is changed, All WooCommerce order statuses are supported.

No Code Implementation

TEXTBUQ is built to support growing businesses. A quick & simple drag-and-drop approach is all it takes.

Native Integrations

Integrate WhatsApp & SMS with your CRM, Google Sheets, etc. to ensure that you have a well rounded customer experience.

Technical Support

Complete Knowledgebase to help you achieve your SMS & WhatsApp Marketing Goals. Submit your issues on tickets.

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No Credit Card Required
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars