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Bulk Sending

With our platform, you can effortlessly send numerous messages to various contact groups, and you can also quickly send messages for momentary transactions. We have live dashboard functionality, of course, and the capability to instantly get notifications when your messages are delivered.

  • Shortcode for composing your messages with predefined data.

  • Spintax for randomizing set of words to battle spamming issues.

  • Translator for targeting audience based on their languages.

Increase Sales

With a 98% open rate, messaging is one of the best ways to let your customers know it’s time to visit your business.


increase in sales


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Open Rate

WHy textbuq for you?


Smart Tools

We take care of all the back-end tasks while you focus on running your business. Our system takes care of the hard work, sending only those messages that you designate as required.

  • Actions for creating auto response and quick data check of events.

  • Schedule your sms and whatsapp chats at any date you want.

  • Webhooks for automating some tasks when you receive messages from both sms and whatsapp.

  • Notifications from the connected android devices can also be used for automated tasks.

  • USSD for doing network related requests such as checking balance from operator.

Send Notifications

Send Marketing messages online via a web-based portal or transactional message via API.

9,000+ woocommerce stores prefer textbuq

Send WooCommerce Order

Notifications On WhatsApp & SMS

Send Timely Updates

Send order updates, delivery & tracking notifications on WhatsApp & SMS

Template Messages

Get customizable E-commerce templates messages for WhatsApp & SMS

Personalized Marketing

Send bulk WhatsApp notifications & broadcast personalized marketing campaigns

More Benefits

Use WhatsApp and SMS Marketing For Skyrocketing Engagement.

Start Re-engagement Campaigns

Utilize WhatsApp & SMS marketing services to re-engage users with unique messages and deals.

Personalized Promotional Messages

Send bulk personalized WhatsApp & SMS campaigns at scale! Your customers get the most out of your offers.

Integration with WooCommerce

Inform buyer the current order status / whenever order status is changed, All WooCommerce order statuses are supported.

No Code Implementation

TEXTBUQ is built to support growing businesses. A quick & simple drag-and-drop approach is all it takes.

Native Integrations

Integrate WhatsApp & SMS with your CRM, Google Sheets, etc. to ensure that you have a well rounded customer experience.

Technical Support

Complete Knowledgebase to help you achieve your SMS & WhatsApp Marketing Goals. Submit your issues on tickets.

Customer reviews

Businesses across the world

we are able to Build an audience of highly engaged subscribers with text-for-info, customizable sign-up widgets, and more.

Richard Jeremy

The segmentation, integrations, and ecommerce strategies are great, but the continued support we’ve received throughout our company’s growth is unparalleled.

Evan Hoffman

Text is a big part of being able to communicate with our most valuable customers and, thanks to TEXTBUQ, it has also become one of our most profitable revenue channels.

Alicia Regnier

Our sales teams was able to Gain insight into what’s working. They use analytics to quickly check in on click-throughs, delivery, subscriber growth, and more.

Brent Schull

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the cost of SMS?2023-01-24T18:25:38+05:00

The fee from your local carrier is what you paid, which is cheaper than services such as Twilio. Some western providers have services with unlimited messages. There is no other cost when sending messages.

How many SMS per minute/hour can we send?2023-02-26T12:24:13+05:00

To avoid being banned by your provider, we advise you to limit what you send based on the reasonable allowed by your provider. This article explains how to set SMS sending limits.

How many Whatsapp accounts could we link?2023-02-11T06:45:30+05:00

The number of linked accounts depends on your monthly subscription. Please refer to pricing for more details.

Where can I see messages sent?2023-01-24T19:02:42+05:00

You can see messages sent in TEXTBUQ’s dashboard as well as your phone.

Which countries are supported?2023-01-24T12:40:09+05:00

TEXTBUQ can be used in any country. For WhatsApp campaigns, just connect your WhatsApp account. No need for WhatsApp’s official business API. For SMS campaigns, connect your android device to send SMS campaigns using your own SIM card.

What do I need for sending campaigns?2023-01-24T18:55:10+05:00

For WhatsApp marketing, you don’t need anything. Use our cloud-based solution to run your marketing campaigns. For SMS marketing, you need an android device and your own sim card to send SMS campaigns.

Do I need WhatsApp official business API?2023-02-03T10:08:27+05:00

You don’t need WhatsApp’s official business API. Simply connect your WhatsApp account and start sending campaigns.

Can I integrate with Shopify?2023-02-04T14:10:30+05:00

We are currently working on integration with shopify.

Who will provide number?2023-01-22T19:16:00+05:00

You will use your own number to send WhatsApp and SMS messages.

How to integrate with WooCommerce2023-01-24T13:27:49+05:00

We have developed a WordPress plugin that integrates easily with WooCommerce. Once you configure the plugin with your TEXTBUQ information, you can send SMS messages on product status updates.

  1. Download TEXTBUQ WooCommerce Plugin
  2. Install and activate Plugin on WP (WordPress Site)
  3. Access TEXTBUQ setting and options from the Setting sub-menu
  4. Enter TEXTBUQ info gathered from TEXTBUQ Dashboard
  5. Save settings (That is it)
Can we access TEXTBUQ from multiple locations?2023-02-03T10:10:34+05:00


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